by My Own Prison

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    Beautiful 3 panel digipak limited edition in a glassy bag by Strikedown Records. Artwork by Blacktooth Collective & FAHC
    Recorded and mixed by Giuse Melis @ DIY studio (Cagliari-ITA)
    Mastered by Role @ Die Tonmeisterei (Oldenburg-GER)

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released December 15, 2014

Recorded and mixed by Giuse Melis @ DIY studio (Cagliari-ITA)
Mastered by Role @ Die Tonmeisterei (Oldenburg-GER)
Artwork by Blacktooth Collective and FAHC

Digipack CD and limited package
released by Strikedown Records



all rights reserved


My Own Prison Cagliari, Italy

Hitting stages since 2008, My Own Prison plays fast and furious hardcore songs.
Their music combines elements of both old and new school hardcore/punk, screaming desperately about society, life and hope. They toured and shared the stage with bands such as Pennywise, Adolescents, Madball, Total Chaos, Dead Kennedys, To Kill.

Ame - Vocals
Ale - Guitar
Simo - Bass
Nico - Guitar
Ale - Drums
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Track Name: Crop Failure
Grab my hand, hold it tight.
We'll pull out from this swamp.
We've lost the plot,
yeah.. I know it's insane.
Fallen down / We are already crawling.
Track Name: System Failure
Everything is wearing out.
Born today, let to die tomorrow.
Lost signs on the shoreline.
We lose our dreams focused on system goals.
Rummaging in the drawers.
Ask me "What we're looking for?"

There's no time for compassion.
Age of consumtion.
Everytime cutted-off!
There's no time for compassion.
No past connection.
Overtime, cutted-off!

Callousness / Indifference
Track Name: Thin Black Line
Hot sand removing the thoughts,
burning feet rising above.
Tons of matters keep us busy,
life flows in front of us.
When the clouds appear,
your sins will find you out!
Losing the sense of the best things.
You are lost child's innocence.
Devoted to tired faces.
Swallowed by circumstances.
Cursing this life of deprivations - sacrifices.
Forgotten or forgetting.
What will become of us?
Thin black line.
Ways bring their distance.
Everything that has been,
keep it close to them again.
Track Name: Sleepers Eve
Woken up under pressure.
Crowd is chasing, leaving breathless.
Business plane, Homeless end.
Messy life against linear presence.
It's starting to get cold by now.
Slick convenience to bite.
Rain smells from the day before,
bitter taste for the street anchors.
Thinking that we got it in hand,
this life doesn't keep the promises.
Reassuring line, shopping windows for daily smiles.
Slow-motion view, system in a groove, slice of life.
Back on the floor, looking at season to die.
Open these doors to ordinary minds.
Kings oblivion, faded kingdoms.
Expectations collapse, dreamers ignored.
No one hears you.
Brainwashed by levels of social reviews.
Swapping the night for the daytime.
Distant from lives that are full of false lights.
Disparate sides, little white lies.
Track Name: Harvey Dent
Mold for copies, made piece by piece.
Little reigns on the void, moved by sheeps.
Dignity is trading with the Warhol saying.
Symbols need beating genuine feeds.
Consideration is the new precious blood,
alter ego built to conquer social gold.
Ground is falling. Your legs are shaking, talking shit!
Top appearance for your heaven.
Giving away your bread for mirrors blunder.
Mouths full of knowledge.
Words taken from your folders,
only spitting voices.
Welcome world, full of prayer feeders.
Double faces singing along.
Track Name: Temper Tantrum
Problems remain when words don't work.
It's hard realize from which side to touch.
Emotional outburst.
Crashing the gift to be objective.
Reseting the clock of memories.
..goodbye memories!
Restart the feeling for human decadence.
Society is stirring up madness.
Man versus man, derailing like trains.
It's running this hour hand.
Coming apart! Hearing no one!
Burn sanity burn.
When will the wind be calm?
Our time is dying under neurosis blows.
Hiding under doorhandles to hold.
Until the last chance to be safe.
Against some therapy for mental rape.
Track Name: Panopticon
Take false words, take your penances.
Put them in a black hole for convenience.
Sharks feasting on the ruins.
We've seen them all behind this mud.
Something has gone wrong.
Something has been lost.
Something is inflated.
It will fly away damaged.
Something else has been buried.
Where are your gods?
There's no much to believe in.
Can see anything. A desert storm.
Temples pull up to misinform.
Track Name: Gold Leaves
Our paths are separated.
We just have to remember they were.
Reminiscent of what is left,
at least what makes a good aspect.
We are leaves scattered by the wind.
Not throw in the towel,
thank you for having taught me!
And we... we'll wear more scars on the skin,
more and more awareness after the pain.
We had never thought it was the last time.
Once again, concrete rooms to sign a surrender.
Hearing anything cause the worst mood.
Call it pray, misunderstanding.
It's raining mud, covering our days
Giving a sense to nothing,
open the eyes against the walls.
Leaving no stone unturned.
Track Name: Glass Pieces
Poison flows, it cleans my veins.
Kiss of death or broken face.
Weeping relatives are grabbed by the hair.
Relationships, good intentions
stabbed in the back.
Glass pieces of family portraits.
Loving youth days are pushed away.
All the mistakes must be paid!
Convince yourself.
Waiting for the glory days.
Wrath, rolling heads.
Waiting for the glory days.
Hold a candle to the opposite side,
it becomes a milestone.
This is just a shell to live,
shaped by torment we live against the grain.
Poison flows, it cleans my veins.
Kiss of death or broken face.
Waiting for the glory days.
Poison flows, it cleans my veins.
Loving youth days are pushed away.
Track Name: Up The River
Looking forward to break this belt.
Night is for dreamer, i'm waiting for the next.
Reason is lost, when idealism overflows.
When conditions compromise a home to live,
you no longer feel the smell of the things.
When conditions compromise a home to live,
in the these daylight you're not to see the end.
Twisting voices of youth revenge.
We've unlearned to blow this world again.
Remain outside from race to tears.
Problem solving, it's no longer working.
What has made us harmless?
We shall emerge from hesitation,
everytime we need,
we have to stoke that flame to burn.
On this river, on this little boat,
keep in mind these words when there will be cold.